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Data Science has been defined as ‘The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ by Harvard Business Review. Glassdoor has ranked Data Science as the best job in America for 2019. Bloomberg regards Data Scientists as the new Superheroes. 


Data Science is a multidisciplinary subject and it is a big misconception that one needs to have a Ph.D. in science or mathematics to become a data science professional in USA.

 Although a good academic background is a plus when it comes to the data science profession, it is certainly not an eligibility criterion. Anyone with a basic educational background and an intellectual curiosity towards the subject matter can become a data scientist.

Some of the soft skills required are Mathematical Expertise, Strong Business Acumen and Problem Solving aptitude 


There is a misconception that Data Analysis is all about statistics. There is no doubt that both classical statistics and Bayesian statistics are very crucial to Data Science, but other concepts are also crucial such as quantitative techniques, and specifically, linear algebra, which is the support system for many inferential techniques and Machine Learning algorithms.

Data Scientists are the source of deriving useful information that is critical to a business, and are also responsible for sharing this knowledge with stakeholders to be applied to business solutions. They are critically positioned to contribute to the business strategy as they have the exposure to data like no one else. Hence, data scientists should have a strong business acumen to be able to fulfil their responsibilities.

Data scientists need to maintain exceptional problem-solving skills and master the art of calculating the risks associated with specific business models.

Data Scientists are required to work with complex algorithms and sophisticated tools. They are expected to code and prototype quick solutions using one or a set of languages from Python, R, SAS, SQL, and sometimes Java, Scala, Julia and others. Data Scientists should also be able to navigate their way through technical challenges that might arise and avoid any bottlenecks or roadblocks that might occur due to lack of technical soundness

It is a given that tech companies employ many data scientists but there are multiple other industries where these professional work, such as:

Software & IT: Data scientists make use of their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to analyze and interpret large data sets in the software industry. Their wide range of competencies that covers machine learning, coding languages, and working on large databases helps the software and IT industry in USA, creating solutions that enable enhanced business performance.

Energy and Mining: This industry experiences major fluctuations in prices and higher cost of its projects. Thus, it makes it even more essential to decipher quality information. Data scientists here help in reducing risks, cutting costs, and optimizing investments. They also make use of predicting models to monitor compressors that can reduce the number of downtime days.

A structured learning journey keeps you on track throughout as you achieve your weekly learning milestones with your mentor and benefit from their rich professional experience. Following a “learn by doing” pedagogy, the program offers you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in real-time every week through


The Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics (PGP-DSBA) by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin is a 6-month long comprehensive program designed to enable career outcomes in Data Science and Analytics. It uniquely combines a comprehensive curriculum, covering the most widely-used tools and techniques in the industry, with a hands-on learning approach.

Mathematical Expertise

Strong Business Acumen


Technical Expertise

Salary Insights

Data Science is one of the most highly paid jobs with an average earning of US$116,100 per year.

Other data science job roles that are in high demand are Data Analyst, BI Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Architect. Average open positions for data scientists in some of the major states in the USA:

California - 4600+

Virginia - 2000+ 

New York - 2000+ 

Job Demand

Washington - 1200+ 

Maryland - 1000+ 

Texas - 1400+

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The need for Data Scientist is so strong that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that future job growth in data science in USA will be three times faster than any other job.